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  The Collective Unconscious The fanclub community Danny Carey's site
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  Alex Grey's On-Line Studio Lateralus album artist Alex Grey's official site
  Psythos LateralusEli Morgan's visionary art
  Chet Zar Art and 3D collaborator Chet Zar's cool new website
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  Ramiro Rodriguez See more paintings and art from Ramiro
  Necromance One of our favorite stores in Los Angeles
  Szukalski Polish artist and source of inspiration to the band
  LOBAL ORNING In that Justin C has selected all the music, with Shelee picking out the books, this store offers items that the big chains often overlook (or don't know exist)
  Toolshed Down Net Kabir's thorough and informative fan site Nolan Venhola's aesthetic site boasting homemade tabs
  Toology Fan pics and other tool stuff from igor & marinka