(Treasure Blooms from the Black Garden)


With Thanksgiving on the way, sandwiched as it is between the Feast of the Burning Lamps in Egypt in honor of Isis and Osiris, and the Tibetan Festival of Lights, in a time to give thanks for the generous resources of our land, and a time for sharing this abundance with others, keeping in mind that the date (November 25th) on the pagan calendar also marks the ancient Roman Festival of the Goddess Fortuna, she with underworld associations, here's some food for thought (although I'll bet most readers are content with turkey with all the trimmings).


but did the readers/viewers?

"...and when the hidden Sephira, Daath, is considered, a perfect circle is formed around Tiphereth..."

From The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang

In the October 2004 REVOLVER-MTV2 HEADBANGERS BALL list of the best metal videos of the new millennium (so far), the readers/viewers selected TOOL's PARABOL/PARABOLA as number 10. According to the article, the highlight of the video (which was directed by Adam Jones) is the scene in which "Three dudes levitate over a table, start to rotate, and then throw up black goo that creates a perfect circle." Even though it is written in Sepher Yetzirah that "Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven", too bad that "Parabol/Parabola didn't come in number 11, as that number is perhaps more fitting to the wealth of occult symbolism openly displayed in the video, with eleven being the number of the so-called "false" or "hidden" Sephira of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, it representing the Sphere of Daath (knowledge of higher dimensions). (NOTE: The central sphere of the Tree of Life, Tiphereth (the sixth qabalistic power-zone), represents Ra-Hoor-KHUit, the ever-lasting son within Kether/Nuit and Malkuth/Hadit (i.e. Horus - the Beauty in the Beast), or, as Frater Achad reminds us in his book entitled "The Anatomy of the Body of God", Tiphereth "is a sphere halfway between the Center and the Circumference."

This said, located' on the Middle Pillar in the center of the upper hexagram of the mystical diagram, Daath (which could be said to be both existing and non-existing), is the gateway to the shadow-side (back) of the Tree of Life, whose fruit, according to Kenneth Grant , "is unattainable by man as man." It is also via the accursed Sephira, Daath, after crossing the abyss (Grant's Mauve Zone or others' Divine Twilight), that nightside travelers can access, enter and traverse the 22 tunnels of the qliphoth. And speaking of the qliphoth or shells, the black goo, as the writer of the article refers to the stuff thrown up by three dudes (played in earlier scenes by Maynard, Blair and Lilo), in exoteric terms could be described as the zcrra of the record business. However, in more esoteric terms, it could be seen as Manna from Heaven, or the shit of the gods.

(Treasure Blooms from the Black Garden)

"Many a true word spoken in jest"

Much of the symbolism in the video for Parabol/Parabola, in particular the animated sequences created by visionary artist Alex Grey* such as the flaming eye, bonelayer/sawblade, prismatic diamond and occult anatomy in general, mirrors certain esoteric themes in my book, IJYNX (available in a revised second edition on this website) - that concerning the 'mining' of a mysterious post-mortem substance known variously as "Occultum of Harlequin", "The Residuum of Paradise", "The Glitter of the Sleepers" and "The Dream of the Dreamless."

In keeping with the theme of Thanksgiving - that of being thankful for a bountiful harvest and a plentiful feast to be shared with others, I am here reminded of something that Aleister Crowley wrote in his mystical treatise "Atlantis: The Lost Continent (Liber LI)." In speaking of the inhabitants of Atlas, the Great Beast offers yet another cryptic hint as to the true nature of the work (as opposed to being solely a "high jinx" treatise of left-hand path sex-magick) when he writes "Every man saved all his earnings and died rich. At his death his savings went back into the community." If, as I believe, by "savings" and "earnings" he is referring to "The Residuum of Paradise", than consider this statement when pondering such mysterious objects as The Philosophers' Stone of alchemical tradition and The Holy Grail as a horn of plenty.

When I first sent Kenneth Grant (who was a disciple of Crowley and who now is The Outer Head of the Typhonian O.T.O.) the magical verses which would later become the book, Ijynx, in a letter from him dated November 9, 2001 e.v., he responded to the prose-poems by describing them as "... Glittering word-play... dazzling in their jeweled splendour. The sheer torrent of brilliance suggests to me a cascade arrested (italics mine), carved in rock-hard and unyielding prose..." to which he added: "Thank you for a sumptuous feast." In light of what I've said, I took this last line to be particularly revealing.

* Likewise, some of this arcane symbolism is touched upon in an interview that Alex conducted with the members of the band that, last I heard, is planned to be released at some point.


I would like to thank Greg Taylor of for sending me the link with information to the following piece. The DailyGrail website is a great place for keeping tabs on mysteries like that of Berenger Sauniere and Rennes-le-Chateau, as well as many others that some of us just can't leave alone.

In an article in, the author tells us that the body of Berenger Sauniere, the most notable of the coterie of priests involved in the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, has been dug up at the request of his descendants "to deter rapacious treasure hunters" and moved into a concrete mausoleum in the grounds of the museum that adjoins the 11th-century church. Evidently, due to the popularity of Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code, the tiny hilltop village has recently been besieged by hordes of tourists attempting to locate the elusive treasure with the use of explosives and by digging tunnels in the vicinity.*

According to Mayor Jean-Francois L'Huilier, "The world has gone mad... Last year they even tried to tunnel into the church." Apparently, it was for this reason that the mayor decided it best to exume the priest's corpse and place it "under a 3.5 ton sarcophagus surrounded by five cubic metres of concrete." But was it really for this reason that Sauniere's body was disinterred? Why would anyone think that the treasure was now buried in the priest's modest grave... unless, that is, they now were under the belief that the priest's body, itself, was the treasure. But where would they get that idea? Hmmm. Well, for the answer, perhaps other would-be treasure hunters should read my essay entitled "Feasting with the King's Shadow" on But getting back to the article, as the mayor himself states, there is nothing new about tourist-treasure hunters dynamiting in the area or attempting to dig tunnels all over the place like gofers. Hell, I even have a substantial piece of the 'Poussin Tomb' that I use as a paperweight; the celebrated tomb having been demolished by its current owner after treasure hunters attempted to break into it with explosives. This kind of lunacy and damage has been going on for decades, most of it occurring in the 1970s and then again in the 1980s after the publication of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. In fact, as I wrote about in an issue of Dagobert's Revenge magazine (Volume 4, number 2), when Danny and the other members of Tool first visited Rennes-le-Chateau over ten years ago, vandals had left their mark on the church facade, on religious statues, and at the entrance to the churchyard cemetery with its skull and cross-bones only days earlier. Even more recently, somebody lopped off the head of Asmodeus, the garish plaster statue of the demon that greets visitors in the entranceway of Sauniere's "theological funhouse."

* Meanwhile, back at Dunbeath Castle in Caithness...


So, do I think Sauniere's grave contains OR DID CONTAIN the treasure? I will only say to fans of The Da Vinci Code that you can relax... relax, and keep in mind that the Cathar's treasure was said to be pecuniam infinitam. Think about that when you think about the graves of etoiles de Rennes! You just have to know where to look - it's the part about the "king's SHADOW"* that makes the glittering prize so elusive, at least according to the Black Jester!

* Concerning this "SHADOW" aspect of the King, to avoid being trapped in the labyrinth of error, one is advised to meditate on the 49 plates in Fulcanelli's Le Mystere des Cathedrales and on certain revealing passages in the alchemical tract by Eirenaeus Philalethes entitled "Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King."



Manduca panem tuum cum silentio



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