This month we learned that the members of Tool crossed paths with the members of Motorhead in a recording studio in L.A., and that Danny (along with Brent Hinds) is part of a new band called “Legend of the Seagullmen.” With splash headlines like “Members Of Tool And Mastodon Join Forces To Create “Supergroup”… and “Motorhead’s Mikkey Dee Confirms Tool Are In The Studio” appearing on many of the on-line metal magazine sites, it’s perhaps understandable as to why many anxious fans jumped to certain conclusions. In the event that I failed to clear things up in a recent news post, for those who might still be excited or confused (or angry), let me try again to set things straight (without the multiple choices)…

As for the nautical-themed “Seagullmen”, this Danny SIDE project has been in the works for quite some time (well over a year), and takes approximately ZERO time and energy from his focus on the next Tool record. With regards to the chance meeting between members of Tool and their friends in Motorhead in the same recording facility – this had absolutely nothing to do with the preparation, recording, mixing or mastering! of a new Tool album. Instead, it concerned another Tool project that has been in the works for a while. In fact, when I first heard about this project (way back when), I mentioned it in a news post as being a “curve ball” - meaning that it would be something unexpected by most Tool fans (as it was to me). Since then, some fans have guessed what this is, while others remain clueless, with many others believing that there really never was any such idiom to begin with. Well, with the chance meeting of Tool and Motorhead in the studio, along with Adam’s reply to Mikkey Dee’s question as to what Tool was doing there, we now have confirmation of this (figuratively speaking) “curve ball.” (In keeping with the baseball vernacular, as I suggested before, “Change of Pace” might also work).

Which takes us to the big question: What’s going on with the new Tool record? As I have said repeatedly, the band is currently in the writing/arranging process. Based on things that I’ve heard, I would hazard a guess that SEVERAL songs are now developed enough to have vocals added. At least one of these songs is quite lengthy, and took a very long time to finish. In theory, the others should go faster, but who knows what obstacles might await? Obviously there is still a lot of work to be done. Accordingly, you will be updated on any major progress and NOT hear about the band tracking the next record by some chance meeting in a recording studio.

Now that these other things have been put to rest, let’s see about any current news. The first item would be that the members of the band will be taking a break from their writing/arranging sessions next week WHILE Aaron Harris (“ISIS”, PALMS”) sets up an area in the Loft for Maynard to be able to work on vocal melodies as the others play (loudly) their completed tunes. In that there is a lot of equipment to be moved and reorganized, it will take at least a few days to set up Maynard’s ‘station’ in the adjoining room. Admittedly, this is exciting news, but let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet…

Finally, before leaving the City of Angeles for a few days, Danny will be getting together (again) with Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland and others TONIGHT - so be on the lookout for another youtube clip of these friends jamming and having a downright good time!

Oh, I almost forgot. For those non-Thelemites out there who asked why the recent limited edition TOOL BLANKET (now sold out) was priced at $156.00, the answer is that 156 = BABALON, the Sacred Whore and companion of the Great Beast 666 (To Mega Therion). So, there you have it…



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