JANUARY 2016, E.V.

As I'm sure some of you are aware, it's now 2016 era vulgaris (or, if your pseudo-Latin is a bit rusty, 2016 in the common era), and as such, it's a fair bet that at least a few Tool enthusiasts are wondering what might be in store for the band in the new calendar year. Well, the Criswell in me predicts that 2016 e.v. will be an exciting year (of course, Criswell once predicted that a beam from outer space would turn all the metal in Denver into carbon nanotube rubber!). However, before anyone reads too much into this (again), I have no time tables for anything, and that's with a sequined tuxedo. As Tool finishes up the current mini-tour in those states where McDonalds first offered sweet tea, what I do have is e-mail traffic that suggests (nay, confirms) that the band is making preparations for things to come besides a new record. And with regards to a new album, whether your pateience is waning thin, or if you are content to let the writing process proceed accordingly, perhaps you should check out the following article, as it just might put a smile on your face.


A Cultral History of DMT

(Review by Blair MacKenzie Blake)

Having just finished reading "Mystery School In Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT" by Graham St. John (with a foreword by Dennis McKenna), I feel that it is my psychonautical duty to state that the book is a must have for anyone interested in the discovery, history, influence, and potential of entheogenic tryptamines. Especially when the author describes TOOL as being "chief among the diverse vehicles of the DMT breakthrough experience", and "a carrierwave for entheogens." Meticulously researched and skillfully written, this recent work presents a fascinating account of the DMT phenomenon, from the underground research of the pioneers of the unnerving tryptamine dimensions to the current seekers of neoshamanic ayahuasca gnosis. Along the way are vivid accounts of those who first experienced the unparalled sheer intensity of vibrant geometric mindscapes populated by the bizarre otherness of hyper-intelligent constructs that seem, paradoxically enough, strangely familiar. Burroughs, Janiger, Leary, Sand, McKenna, Grey and others who have passed through the portals of the tryptamine-enriched realm are featured among the intrpid psychonauts (human interlopers?) zeroing in on this elusive territory, along with the profound experiences of more recent "Magellans" further mapping the DMT frontiers and recounting, the best that words allow, the fleeting glimpses of their psychotropic sojourn on internet message boards and in the unique lexicon of 'hyperspace' theater. Doctor Rick Strassmasn's ground-breaking research in "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" is also explored in depth, including the possible transcendent properties of endogenous pineal-secreted DMT ("The Grand Dreaming of a Treasured Eye"), and the more speculative (and esoteric!) conection involving its post-mortem residue (that which facilitates what I have refered to as the "Dream of the Dreamless.")

Along with the accounts of the ceremonial use of DMT as a teacher substance par excellence, is the seemingly undeniable impact that the partaking of exogenous DMT has had on certain visionary (and sonic) artists whose works are a fractal treasure box filled with a menagerie of jewelled insectoids, mechanical elves, and cosmic mantoids. Yet, the question remains: does the glitterring phantasmogoria of an effective DMT flash represent an initiation from a next-level intelligence, or something equally startling and profound? A person could spend years searching for this material and the questions that it proposes, or they could read Graham's remarkably informative book.




FEBRUARY 5-11, 2016


"Talk about tools for generating the divine within"



Attention all you psychonauts, technoids and deipnosophists: DANNY'S "THINK DIFFERENTLY" tee-shirt is back in stock and ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

THINK DIFFERENTLY - THE "PSILICON VALLEY" tee shirt illustrates the connection between the 1960s' counter-culture psychonauts and today's 'Psilicon' Valley technologists, some of who are allegedly still using the neurological amplification of psychoactive substances to improve creativity and inspire new I.T. developments. Hence, the iconic "Apple" motif is replaced by a psilocybin mushroom. THINK DIFFERENTLY contains a message for larval moralists about how the energy released (multi-level exposure) by the visionary experiences of the pioneers of cyberspace played a substantive role in the computer revolution.


(Taken from the booklet included in the STURGEON "Emerge" album)

"The diary entries are reproduced from a personal journal recently discovered inside the hidden compartment of a vintage secretary desk that was purchased at an antique and collectibles show in Gaithersburg, MD. Numerous attempts were made to locate the diarist, including phone directories, public record search engines, property databases, etc., all of which failed to find any trace of a Ms. Verity Pennington (believed to be the name of the diarist), other than a fictional character listed on an internet role-playing forum. An exhaustive search for the woman's uncle (including obituaries) also proved to be fruitless, leading one to believe that the record of experiences in the diary is most likely fictional, although it is possible that this is not the case. The "Masonic cemetery" with its peculiar funerary 'graffiti' also could not be located despite several searches in the area mentioned. After a final unsuccessful effort to track down any of those concerned, owing to the bizarre nature of certain entries written over a six-month period, the diary was placed on an online auction for someone with an interest in these matters."

(A Brief Description of the Diary Entries)
Blair MacKenzie Blake

As for the diary entities themselves, they contain esoteric themes similar to those found in my book, IJYNX, (as well as other works by Blair MacKenzie Blake) concerning the use of occult hyper-chemistry (i.e. Khemistery) as a portal to an intersecting parallel reality. However, rather than focusing on the stimulation and release of certain endogenously produced substances, the entries in the journal concern a post-mortem residue, with "Dream of the Dreamless" being facilitated by a mysterious phenomenon known as "The Vapor of the Bones."

Together, the diary entries comprise a process of initiation in which "Verity" (the diarist) is encouraged by her enigmatic uncle to discover the principle of proportionality in a particular mathematical puzzle contained in the surviving 1792 almanac/journal of the African-American colonial farmer/astronomer, Benjamin Banneker. This riddle, itself, is based on the "Rhind Mathematical Papyrus" that was discovered in Thebes (Egypt) in 1858, which was copied from an ancient secret treatise dating back to the time of the physician Imhotep in 2650 B.C.

After passing the test with some non sequiturs or red herrings concerning astronomical peculiarities associated with the African Dogon tribe (one royal member possibly having been an ancestor of Banneker?) - those that are intended to mislead anyone else attempting to use this secret physiological knowledge to access the complex interface of this hidden luminosity without any escorting constructs (i.e. those that inhabit this hyper-space) - Verity correctly determines for herself that the correct answer to the mathematical riddle is NOT the solution needed to obtain the treasured "Cadaver Caviar", although the same can not be said for another seeking this trick (albeit, amazing trick) of human neuro-chemistry. But even if you don't have any interest in the profound secrets of Egyptian Freemasonry, including the highly treasured "Jewel of Divine Anthropophagy", in a photograph of the actual diary itself, there is a recipe for what I would imagine to be pretty good crab bisque. Seriously...




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