MARCH 2009, E.V.

As a tribute to the Chumash Indians that once lived on their property, Justin and Shelee recently had a teepee erected near the house (yes, a large dome-shaped hut made of willow branches that slept 49 people was their second choice). What the Tool bassist plans on doing with the structure is anyone’s guess, but knowing that a certain section of the acreage contains a “supernatural” power zone that was, itself, enhanced by abstract pictographs painted by the shaman-astronomer (known as an “alchuklash”) in a particular sandstone cave (the rock shelter that Dannny and Justin were in - which I posted on the website at an earlier date), it’s not only possible, but highly likely that he might draw inspiration from it, with the end result manifesting itself on the next Tool album. In fact, it could be that Justin is currently composing music in one of the ‘dreaming-beds’ of the “trip’-ne” (as these power points are called) – those used ceremoniously nearly a thousand years ago by the alchuklash, employing jimson weed to transcend ‘ordinary reality’ and take magical flights to otherworlds. Now, I’m not suggesting that Justin is conducting his own Chumash-style vision quest, looking for empirical examination of these trans-mundane beings that are depicted in the colorfully decorated caves, but he may be engaged in some type of experimentation… strictly for shamanic purposes (and, of course, to enhance a future prog-metal recording). Watch out for Poxono, though!

Although many scholars believe that the strange figurations and objects shown in the imagery in rock paintings found in Chumash country (the coastal southern California) to be visual effects of sacred ceremonies in which the powerful hallucinogenic datura was used, whose to say that they’re not the stylized depictions of the inhabitants of the lost continent of Lemuria or MU (as in the MaliMU) who once settled in the Santa Monica Mountains? And if they were only the alternative lifestyle, hippie-bohemian Lemurians, with their ancient VW van-vimanas and bumper sticker-laden mercury vortex engine vailxi, then the ‘visualizations’ make even more sense (the liquid mercury proton gyroscopes of a disemboweled vimana is clearly evident in at least one pictograph!). If this is indeed the case, then the place is even more charged with ‘unknown’ energies…not to mention those portals guarded by heavenly mosquitoes and such (see: “When Demons Rule California”).

Ah Topanga Canyon… mysterious petroglyphs inspired by the powerful hallucinogenic datura , phantom footsteps, numerous UFO-tulpas from grandmother Momoy’s private stash, patchouli-scented whirligigs, negative vortices, tie-dyed guardian spirits, and a “turtle crossing” sign. No wonder Jim Morrison also once lived in this place meaning “ABOVE.” As for the Chumash people, don’t worry. They’ve now got a casino-resort with slot machines, buffets, Lexus hybrid giveaways, and Joe Cocker performing on May 21 (who needs the goddess of the datura flower!) As far as I know, though, those rumors about Charlie Manson’s band “The Milky Way” (with Bobby Beausoleil on lead guitar and bass clarinet) doing a reunion show at the casino are not true. Still, you might check Abuelita’s calendar.

(Note: For more information about the Chumash shaman-astronomers and ritual intoxication involving jimson weed, see “The Long Trip: The Prehistory of Psychedelia” by Paul Devereaux, recently reissued by Daily Grail Publishing, and available at

Anyway, that’s what Justin may or may not be up to these days. As far as other band-related news, the last meeting with 3D artist Meats Meier went great (as he acknowledged in a recent blog). Adam and Kevin Willis are up to some mischief. Maynard is back from the wine signings in Texas, and is getting ready for the Puscifer shows at Club Nokia. Danny has added yet another monster modular synth to his collection, and is currently recording… something at the loft. Besides that, we should have some Tool tour dates very soon. Now, show me the way to the next supernatural power zone…



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