AUGUST 2009, E.V.

Here are some upcoming events and Tool-related bits and pieces that I’ve gathered whilst battling a very nasty bug. Amazing to think that the microscopic little fucker (sorry, but yes, that’s the word I choose to describe it) would keep me from drinking a silver Coleman-chilled brew for seven days now (in the summer!) During that time I’ve already missed Cpt. Kirk at the ‘tator’, Adam bartending at the Cha Cha Lounge, and a barbecue hosted by Danny for the Tool tour crew (with stage manager Eric Durett burning the dogs, I was sadly informed). I hate to think what’s next as I lay here with my aspirin and warm Gatorade in the clouds and ashes of Xaphon. That’s right, no raw juice, aromatherapy, theobromine, nor small loan for a box of oscillococcinum for this influenza! Speaking of Xaphon, some of the band members have friends who live near the area where some of the worst fires are burning, and would like to wish them well (hang tough, Glendon – we’re trying to get some Zuni rain dancers on the scene. Feathers and turquoise, my man!). So, let’s see what’s on the horizon…

Tabla master ALOKE DUTTA to perform in SANTA BARBARA (Goleta), CA.
 Date: Thursday, September 17.  Time: 9 PM.  Tickets: $10
Venue: The Mercury Lounge, located at 5871 Hollister Ave in Goleta.
Phone number: (805) 967-0907, E-mail: MERCURYDMO@aol.

Along with Danny Carey and Terry Bozzio, Aloke and those magic fingers will also perform at the EXPLORERS PERCUSSION 25th anniversary clinic in Overland Park, Kansas on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19. As I mentioned on… (Oops, nevermind), if you don’t get a chance to meet Danny at Wes’s bash at that high school in Kansas that is “The Home of the Raiders!” you should have no problem catching him the following day at the Raiders/Chiefs game in K.C. Danny will be the one wearing red. My prediction of the score prior to the game starting: 0 to 0 (Can’t tell you how many beers I’ve won from those taking that sucker bet.)


Are you prepared?


October 29     Las Vegas, NV          The Pearl @ The Palms
October 31     San Diego, CA          Spreckels Theatre
November 1   San Diego, CA           Spreckels Theatre
November 4   Oakland, CA             Fox Oakland Theater
November 5   Oakland, CA             Fox Oakland Theater
November 7   Stockton, CA            Bob Hope Theatre
November 10  Seattle, WA              Moore Theatre
November 11  Seattle, WA              Moore Theatre
November 13  Vancouver, BC         Centre For The Performing Arts
November 14  Portland, OR            Roseland Ballroom
November 17  Salt Lake City, UT    Capitol Theatre
November 18  Salt Lake City, UT    Capitol Theatre
November 20  Denver, CO              Paramount Theatre
November 21  Denver, CO              Paramount Theatre
November 24  Dallas, TX                McFarlin Memorial Auditorium - SMU Campus
November 25  Dallas, TX                McFarlin Memorial Auditorium - SMU Campus
November 27  Houston, TX             Jones Hall For The Performing Arts
November 28  San Antonio, TX       Majestic Theatre
December 1    El Paso, TX               Abraham Chavez Theatre
December 3    Phoenix, AZ              Orpheum Theatre
December 4    Phoenix, AZ              Orpheum Theatre

* Seems a bit suspicious that there is no show on November 12th!


The Museum of Making Music and the Bob Moog Foundation present a tribute to the Moog synthesizer at the museum’s facilities in CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA. The show runs from AUGUST 29, 2009 – APRIL 30, 2010. Hopefully some of you got to see Keith Emerson wrestling a monster modular Moog last Saturday. More info at

PHONE: 877-551-9976


ADAM’s Jack Russell Terrier, “Cakes” is going to need some more of your votes this week if WILLIS is going to win some money for his favorite charities. Stand by for more information… In related news, Camella has started a non-profit organization to clean up the ocean and reef system in the tiny town of Mahahual, Mexico. The organization is called MARISOL (Meso American Reef Initiative Save Ocean Life). If you’d like to help her with this cause, please visit


A book expo featuring rare and hard-to-find esoteric texts will be held at the SEATTLE CENTER (SAN JUAN ROOMS) on SEPTEMBER 19 and 20. Notable among those participating in the event are Thelemic scholar Richard Kaczynski, Robert Ansell (from Fulgur Press) and Michael Staley (Typhonian O.T.O. and Starfire Publications). For those interested in occult books and art, please visit for additional information. Ars Obscura bookbinding! I might just have to astral project myself to this one…


Danny, Kirk, Lance and John will be at THE KNITTING FACTORY in HOLLYWOOD on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th. There’s also a rumor going around that JZ will be doing another one of his special MONDAY NIGHT JAMMMZ/BBQ at the BAKED POTATO on Labor Day. What else are you going to do while at the mercy of your credit score and waiting for the return of Quetzalcoatl?

SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2009
(Better than Halloween in the Castro, trust me)

Shape-shifting reptilians, government cover ups, solar magnetic reversals, mowing devils and the lost continent of Atlantis finally discovered for the 87th time! Not to mention poor Wendell Stevens trying to unload the last few copies of “UFO Contact from ITIBI-RA.” Ah, I remember these wonderful conventions, being the attendee who raised his hand and asked the speaker, “What are you on, and where can I get some?” Expo includes the “Maverick Award”, “Speakers Dinner Banquet” and something “SHOCKING” from Robert O. Dean. Wait a minute, isn’t lizard soup a flu remedy?

DANNY BANGS A NEW GONG! (Try to image a photo of a HUGE gong that will most certainly be used on the next Tool album.)

What do you think of that, Mr. Bottrill?



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