It is with a certain amount of trepidation that I post the September newsletter. Having finished it a week or so ago, before publishing it on the site, due to the bulk of the content, I decided to re-examine the Mantong-‘Rosetta’ that was included in the Spring 1961 issue of “The Hidden World.” Although this (partial) dictionary of the ancient alphabet and language of the so-called Titans and Atlans who once inhabited the earth didn’t give me pause for concern, it was a rather mysterious example of ‘artifact’-mech in the same publication that caused my initial hesitation. In that the newsletter contained information about an exhibition (entitled “Mantong and Protong”) at the Pasadena City College Art Gallery that featured artists Richard S. Shaver and Stanislav Szukalski* – taking into consideration certain of Mr. Shaver’s claims about dero activity in ‘his’ works, I became somewhat reluctant about promoting the show (details of which were sent to me anonymously, but most likely passed along by our friend, Glenn Bray, who may or may not be under any telaug influence). In publicizing the event, hopefully I, myself, have not fallen victim to any telepathic augmentors and/or other wonderful machinery currently at the disposal of those “psychotic dwarfs” in their subsurface exhile. For even that e-mail, I suppose, could be a machine-generated illusion.

* Many readers of this website will know that Adam and Danny are collectors of Szukalski’s bronze sculptures, prints, and books.

Although I’m fairly certain that the “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming is not the petrified stump of a tree that remains from a time when giants roamed the earth (as Shaver contends!), I do not dismiss outright certain “Shaver phenomena” as pure fantasy (i.e. pulp science fiction presented as fact), nor as the paranormal ranting of a deranged mind. It may turn out that the teros (inTEgrative RObots) and deros (DEtrimental RObots) of Shaver’s underground world are the denizens of a parallel dimension - perhaps even an endogenous tryptamine-enriched realm that he somehow accessed (like those perceived by today’s more intrepid psychonauts). But even if the cowled figures aren’t responsible for every time a surface dweller slips on a banana peel, or actually wear manhole-cover hats, or even didn’t create those tele-solidographs, the Jonas Brothers, with abandoned projection devices, there is something about the nightmarish phantasmagoria glimpsed by Shaver and numerous others that is quite alarming, especially if these internals actually are the poisoned, malevolent survivors (castaways?) of an advanced antediluvian race. In the event that their cavernous abodes are the true inspiration for “hell”, there is one aspect of the Pasadena exhibit that is particularly worrisome to me. This is the claim made by Shaver that the imagery in the paintings based on pre-deluge art stones (also known as “rock books”) contain evidence (even proof) of dero activity and their continued influence on humanity. Believed to be ‘photographically’ embedded with the Titan-Atlan’s advanced technology, according to Shaver, in order to prevent us from discovering the secret of these ancient machines, the hideously deformed dero tamper with the “photo-stones”, changing them right before our very eyes. In fact, one doesn’t have to look too hard to see grotesque faces peering with frightening eyes among the constantly morphing patterns.

(NOTE: the “photo-stones” are slices of agate that have been cut (by Shaver) with a diamond saw. For more information about them, see “Subterranean Worlds” by Walter Kafton-Minkel.)

With this in mind, I hate to think that I might be in any way responsible for some uxorious surface dweller checking out the stim and pleasure mech in the paintings, only to later find himself hanging from a meat hook in the stinking sub-basements of a dero supermarket. Making matters even worse are the marvelous surgical rays for the diabolical slicing of your precious grey matter. I could add the cavernous zooids waiting for human table scraps, but you get the idea (yes, YOU… and your little brother who, not being detrimentally inclined, isn’t yet contemplating sororicide with your little sister). I guess what I’m saying is that these aren’t the subsurface types that get their jollies by putting hissing squibs into your underpants. At least this is the picture painted by Richard Sharpe Shaver, and possibly a detrimental ray (Palmer).

Again, although the dero might not be behind every banana peel left on the stairway, they are probably responsible for many of ills currently plaguing humanity - such as Sean David Morton, ab machines, self help books, Fords, and the madness surrounding the Mayan calendar that ends on December 21, 2012 e. a. (Which is another reason why I was at first reluctant to post this newsletter.) Knowing this to be the case, when examining the paintings based on the Elder Race’s “rock books” at the “Mantong and Protong” exhibition in Pasadena, should you notice shifting imagery, monstrous grins, and hear “faroff voices of endless complexity”, don’t say you weren’t warned about the dero “tampering the picture.”

Here’s the info that I received from “Archives Szukalski.”



at the Pasadena City College Art Gallery
Exhibition: October 9 - November 14, 2009
Reception:  Friday, October 9, 6 - 8 PM


Pasadena City College Art Gallery presents an exhibition featuring two extraordinary artists who each created work based on their singular conclusions about the lost origins of human culture: Stanislav Szukalski (1893 - 1987) and Richard S. Shaver (1907 - 1975).  The exhibit includes drawings, paintings, sculpture, original manuscripts, rare publications, studio ephemera and recorded interviews with the late artists.

Stanislav Szukalski was a celebrated artist in his native Poland during the 1920s and '30s, acclaimed for his detailed and elaborately symbolic sculpture that combines elements evocative of European avant-gardes and Meso-American iconography.  Tragically, much of Szukalski's life's work was destroyed or lost during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.

Szukalski relocated to the United States in 1939.  For the last decades of his life, living in relative obscurity in the San Fernando Valley, California, he focused on his science of Zermatism, a comprehensive theory of human pre-history that he developed through an extensive body of drawings, writings and sculpture.

Richard Shaver gained fame in the post-WWII era in the United States as the author of science fiction stories (mostly published in the pulp magazine Amazing Stories) that he insisted were fundamentally true.  He told of malevolent creatures who live underground, where they manipulate contemporary humans via fantastic mind-controlling machines created eons ago by technologically superior races that have long since abandoned earth. "The Shaver Mystery," as it became known, was a phenomenon in the science fiction world for a few years, as thousands of readers stepped forward to affirm the truth of Shaver's claims.

In later years, Shaver became convinced that certain stones were actually manufactured objects containing text and imagery; these stones being a kind of book made by those advanced antediluvian races.  He produced paintings and photographs based on these "rock books," in order to reveal the true history of intelligent life on earth. Mantong and Protong: Each of these men remained fiercely loyal to his single-minded pursuit of humankind's history in the face of personal tragedy and the frustration of being ignored or dismissed by the very culture they were dedicated to illuminating.   The show takes its title from their researches: The Shaver Mystery began when Shaver published what he called an ancient alphabet that is the key to all human languages, complete with a glossary of meanings.  He called that alphabet "Mantong."   Szukalski studied ancient pictograms and petroglyphs from around the world and concluded that recurrent design motifs in pre-historic drawings comprise a universal code.  Sounds and meanings were attached to those visual symbols, and together they make up "Protong," the proto-language that Szukalski asserted is the basis of all human languages.

The exhibition is curated by Brian Tucker, director of the Pasadena City College Art Gallery, with the cooperation of Archives Szukalski, run by Szukalski's longtime friends and patrons Glenn Bray and Lena Zwalve.  Tucker has organized several exhibitions featuring Shaver's work in the past, including The Hidden World at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 1994 and A Little Application of Our Much-Touted Know-How at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, 2002.  Shaver's work has also been exhibited at Christine Burgin Gallery, New York, and included in an exhibition of "outsider photography," Create and Be Recognized, that travelled to museums around the US in 2004-2006.   Szukalski's art has appeared in numerous posthumous exhibitions, including the career retrospective Struggle, at the Laguna Art Museum in 2000 and The Self-Born at Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, in 2005. Several volumes of Szukalski's works remain in print, published by Last Gasp, San Francisco, including Struggle: The Art of Szukalski, Inner Portraits and Behold!!! The Protong.

Mantong and Protong is presented in conjunction with the Pasadena festival of Art & Ideas, organized around the theme of "origins."  The festival runs October 23 - November 9.  (More information is available at The exhibition is made possible through the support of the Pasadena Art Alliance, The Pasadena City College Foundation, and the PCC Division of Visual Arts and Media Studies.

1570 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
Recorded Gallery information: (626) 585-3285

PCC ART GALLERY HOURS: Monday through Thursday: 11 A.M. to 8 P.M; Friday, Saturday: Noon to 4 P.M. Closed Sundays and school holidays. Visitor parking is available on campus for $2.



As I’m sure most of you know, PUSCIFER will be touring this fall. But what you might not know is that some of the shows will be---------- SPIDER, SPY from DER. An evil sounding name for an evil insect – a DER-SPY---------- Besides the next Volto! show, Danny will be------------- PENCIL: A PEN THAT SEES ILL IS A GOOD PEN TO WRITE WITH----------- Adam also has a few things going on, but the one that will make fans of Tool------------ T-STRONGLY INTEGRATIVE---------- T-INTEGRATION. GROWTH----------- Justin on the other hand------------BALDERDASH------------- a squib is a small firework---------- (NOTE: using their mech, deros are tampering the content, deleting and changing everything that I type------------ DEATH De an te h… the te force of the human obliterated by disintegrant energy (de)---------- take precautions!----------------------------- DEIADE (God murder)-----------------------



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