MARCH 2012, E.V.

Keeping in mind a certain metaphoric phrase that begins with “Don’t” – to those Diabolicals camped out at the base of Bugarach (so much for spam filters!) while awaiting “alien salvation” from the Mayan doomsday – as far as I know, there is no new Tool album title or track listings to be divulged (officially or unofficially) at this point in time. However, what I can tell you (and your cousin) before the black triangle appears near the pentacle of mountains, is that the band’s Dry-Erase board is getting crazier and crazier looking with what I presume to be notes and cues for their latest musical arrangement. Either that or some metagifted (indigo?) larvae have sneaked into the loft and gone to town with colored markers. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell, such is the incomprehensible nature of these ‘equations.’ But get this. On a recent visit to the place, I noticed that there was a SECOND smaller Dry-Erase board on the other side of the room. At first glance it appeared to contain the same types of mnemonic triggers as the other one, until I saw something scrawled at the bottom that I immediately recognized. Now, this was very interesting… and I did take a photo, which perhaps I will post one day… SOON…

Okay, again, bearing in mind that metaphoric phrase used by ‘Shakespeare’ and others, although there isn’t much Tool news this month (unlike the healthy dose fans are used to getting in these newsletters), as I write, MERCH has been busy listing some left over 2012 tour posters in the STORE on So far, I’ve seen posters from Florida, New Mexico, Charlotte and… Uncasville, Ct. But nothing from L.A. as of yet … (That’s right, there were Los Angeles tour posters for sale to the handful of guests invited to the rehearsal sound stage, and these are a cinch to become collector’s items.)

What else? Oh, as I posted on Danny’s website (, here’s the LINK to some interviews and video clips of the Tool drummer on the Vic Firth site (which Danny neglected to mention to me, but Matt from didn’t). After enjoying these clips, keep an eye out for a forthcoming interview with Danny for Paiste. Wait, you’re not done! Seeing how you’re already visiting his site (and didn’t buy a 2012 tour poster), might I suggest going to Danny’s STORE to purchase a SIGNED (in glorious purple ink, no less) VERY LIMITED REVISED and EXPANDED 2ND EDITION of “THE WICKEDEST BOOKS IN THE WORLD.” Copies of the sold out 1st edition are now going for in excess of $350.00 on eBay, and once the 2nd is sold out, to obtain the book, you will be at the mercy of others (think about that – the mercy of others!).

Attention all Tool crew members from the last tour: To show their appreciation for your hard work, a special gift from the band has been shipped and should be arriving on your doorstep shortly. In the past you’ve received a Tool barbecue set (with the lyrics to “Die Eier von Satan” printed on the chef’s apron), which found its way to eBay, a Tool snuggie, which found its way to eBay, and something else that slips my mind due to the ravages of age and insobriety … which found its way to eBay. Are you now ready for some amazing red things that resemble loungewear, but are usually called by a more familiar name, which I’m not going to mention in case you don’t want to know what they are until you open the box - which will no doubt find their way to eBay.

In Tool-related news (see the difference?), mark your calendar that VOLTO! will be performing ultra-fusion at THE MINT here in Los Angeles on SATURDAY, MARCH 31. Hopefully, Danny will be in good spirits for this one, after a K.U. victory in the afternoon. If not, hopefully there will be some good spirits behind the bar to ease his pain. As for the progress of the new Volto record, “Evil” JOE BARRESI has finished working his magic, and the mix should soon be on its way to be mastered by Bob Ludwig up there in Maine with all the lobsters. For those of you who have e-mailed about ADAM JONES doing the album’s artwork, as I understand it, although Adam may be contributing some original artwork to the project, the majority will come from an original piece that Danny currently owns. And although there is a great story associated with this artwork (with regards to a famous 1960s rock group), let’s see if it indeed is used for the cover, etc. before sharing this with the rest of the world (via Danny’s or the Volto! website).

Also don’t forget that tabla master ALOKE DUTTA will be performing and giving a lecture (maybe even telling dirty jokes!) at ALEX GREY’s COSM in New York on APRIL 1, 2012. Or will he?

Finally, CHEERS to those attending the launch for the publication of Kenneth Grant’s (early) novel “Grist to Whose Mill” at Treadwell’s in London (more info at Please let me know if any calling cards with telltale iridescent interstellar goo turn up. I’ll continue to trudge through “Etidorpha” for the umteeth time until a copy makes its way across the pond.



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