What are points? How do I earn them and what do I do with them?
Points are earned by your participation and interaction within the Tool Army Platform.  Your points can be spent within the platform to unlock content, rewards and giveaway entries that may be offered.  Your Lifetime Points are the total amount you’ve earned, and the Point Available are those that you have currently available to spend.    Below are the ways in which you can accumulate additional points:

• Initial Login - 100 points

• Daily Login - 10 points

• Liking Content - 1 point

• Commenting - 1 point

• Posting in the Forum - 1 point

• Sharing Content - 3 points

• Watching Videos - 3 points

• Reading Articles - 1 point

• Listening to Audio (must listen to 80% of song or podcast to earn points) - 1 point


What are user status levels (ie. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)?
User status levels are reached through the accumulation of Lifetime Points by interacting within the Tool Army Platform.  User status levels can be used to access certain content within the platform.  Here are the point thresholds to reach each level:

• Bronze: ≤ 2,499 points

• Silver:  2,500 - 9,999 points

• Gold:  10,000 - 24,999 points

• Platinum:  ≥ 25,000 points


How do I access my pre-sale code?
To access your pre-sale code, go to your Profile and then click “Membership Details.”


How do I access my Collectable Membership Gift Code?
To access your Collectable Membership Gift Code, go to your profile and then click “Membership Details.”


I forgot to cancel auto-renew on my Tool Army yearly subscription and was charged for another year. How do I request a refund of my Tool Army yearly subscription?
Per the terms and conditions when you purchased, there are no refunds offered under any circumstances for people who forgot to turn off auto-renew.

How do I turn off auto-renew for my Tool Army  yearly subscription?
To turn off auto-renew, go to your profile and then click “Membership Details.”  You will keep your benefits until the expiration date.