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Newsletter March 2017

TOOL NEWSLETTER March 2017 I know exactly what it is that you are seeking.  But the answer to such things is very slippery.  As the author of “DE ARTE MAGICA” wrote: “In our holist isle is found a being called Leprechaun.  This creature, once seen, is easy to catch; and once caught must lead his captors to great treasure, provided that…

Newsletter February 2017

TOOL NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 17, 2017 E.V. Being that there is no Tool news that I know of this month, I was going to blow off the FEBRUARY NEWSLTTER until I received the following email. E-MAIL QUESTION: Hey Blair, I have been trying to access Tool chat today after about a 4 or 5 year hiatus and am unable to load the application. At first I…

Newsletter January 2017

TOOL NEWSLETTER JANUARY 17, 2017 E.V. I especially don’t like to waste water here in the desert, but allow me to pour a tall cold glass of it over the on-line rumors that DANNY (“the mysterious buyer”) recently purchased a new house with vineyards so that he could become a wine-maker. The TRUTH is that he bought a house that just happened…