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Newsletter April 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER APRIL, 2018 E.V. Things continue to go well in the studio, and I'm guessing that more info about the recording process will be discussed at the upcoming….   TOOL MUSIC CLINICS - ADDITIONAL INFO… AND SOME PERSONAL THOUGHTS  First of all, KUDOS to those Tool enthusiasts who realize the unique opportunity of the upcoming music…

Newsletter March 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER MARCH, 2018 E.V. Who's ready for some major breaking news? Brace yourself; get ready… okay, here we go. We are very excited to announce what is sure to be welcome news for both fans of TOOL and prog-metal enthusiasts in general.  After all the years of writing and arranging (and re-arranging) at the band's loft, I can at…

Newsletter February 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY, 2018 E.V. Listen up, prog fans (especially early Genesis with Peter Gabriel enthusiasts), "THE MUSICAL BOX" 2018 US TOUR is coming fast... All of the "SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND" shows are guaranteed to be great, but the "Special Lamb Set Encore" will certainly be the cherry on the sundae.

Newsletter January 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER JANUARY, 2018 E.V. Just when you think that there's nothing new under the sun (perhaps I should say, nothing new to those who haven't yet lifted the veil of maya), along comes the latest incarnation of one of my favorite websites.  Yep, the DAILY GRAIL ( has a new look.   Being more mobile-device friendly…