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Well... I haven't heard a peep pertaining to studio updates so make of that what you want.  I know that it's pretty typical in the 'Tool world' to be kept in the dark when projects such as recording sessions are ongoing, so what can I say?  I've tried to get something... anything.  I even checked out Hellboy's fourtheye website to see if…


TOOL NEWSLETTER JUNE, 2018 E.V. Knowing that what most of you are interested in is the progress of the recording sessions; I recently asked a couple of band members about any updates.  So far, I haven’t received any replies, which I blame on the FIFA World Cup.  However, from an earlier conversation that I had with Justin, I take it that…


TOOL NEWSLETTER MAY 2018 E.V. With a few pages left in my Dollar Store legal pad and a heavy dose of blood pressure meds running through my veins, I offer this 18th-anniversay Tool snoozeletter to anyone that might care to read it (perhaps my mother?). Now that the rare immersive dissections and performances (damn near in your living room!)…

Newsletter April 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER APRIL, 2018 E.V. Things continue to go well in the studio, and I'm guessing that more info about the recording process will be discussed at the upcoming….   TOOL MUSIC CLINICS - ADDITIONAL INFO… AND SOME PERSONAL THOUGHTS  First of all, KUDOS to those Tool enthusiasts who realize the unique opportunity of the upcoming music…

Newsletter March 2018

TOOL NEWSLETTER MARCH, 2018 E.V. Who's ready for some major breaking news? Brace yourself; get ready… okay, here we go. We are very excited to announce what is sure to be welcome news for both fans of TOOL and prog-metal enthusiasts in general.  After all the years of writing and arranging (and re-arranging) at the band's loft, I can at…